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AGM minutes

Please click on the link below to view the AGM minutes. The contact us page has been update to reflect the new committee.
Maitland DMCC AGM minutes 21.08.16
The positions of canteen coordinator/s and marshal coordinator are vacant, if anyone is interested in either of these two positions please Neil to discuss.

Thank you to the 15 club members who attending the monthly meeting on 27 July. The following items were discussed and outcomes are as follows:

– There will be NO ALL POWERS class at point scores until we get more daylight hours so we can get all racing in
– At all future point scores & practice days no push bikes will be allowed – before and during racing
– After the issues we had with riding in the car park at our last round there will been no riding in the pits or car park from now on, all riders will have to get off their bikes at the end of chute and walk it back to their pit site, wash bays or car park.
– Mini parents – at sign on you will be asked to sign an indemnity by the marshal coordinator and you will issued a vest, only one parent per rider will be issued a vest, this allows a parent for each mini rider to access the track while they are riding, the vests will be numbered and you must return the vest at the end of racing.
– No Marshal, no ride, no excuses policy
– Maitland Facebook page is an information page only negative comments will be deleted