Club Champion Classes for 2021

  • Div 2 50cc – 7 – 9 years
  • 7–u9 years 65cc
  • 9 – u12 years 65cc
  • 9 – u12 years 85cc
  • 12 – u16 years 85cc
  • Junior Lites 125cc
  • MX3 under 250cc 14 - U18 years
  • Mx 1 255cc and over
  • Mx 2 under 250cc
  • Over 35’s
  • Over 45’s
  • Senior Women

Demonstration Class for 2021

  • Mini – 4 – 7 years

40 grid spots – once grids are full no second classes will be opened

Classes will be timed not on a 4 lap limit.

No day memberships on point scores – Day Memberships are available through Ridernet
Grading will be completed at the discretion of the club. 
Riders have to do 4 out of the 5 point scores to qualify for trophies
Trophies – Graded classes (Div2 through 9 - U12 small wheels 85’s) A, B & C grades - 1st - 3rd place 
All other classes, no grading, 1st – 5th place will receive trophies.

Are you new to the sport of Motocross, do you find marshalling on the track a bit daunting? There are lots of other marshalling spots that don’t involve going out on the track.

You could help in sign on from 6:30am – 8:30am – are you there early and would be happy help in sign on then spend the rest of the day watching your kids/partner ride.

Peg gates – this position requires a person to check off the bikes as they head to the start gate to make sure they in the right class/age group and give each rider a gate peg. Then when all riders are all at the gates go and collect the pegs.

Score Tower – one of the more social spots, this position requires the person to sit on a comfortable chair out of the elements and write down each bike number as they go over the finish line, for every lap of a race.

Canteen – we are always looking for people to help out first thing in the morning (breakfast rush) and at lunch time (lunch rush).