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Round 1 – This Sunday 11 March 2018

ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN for Round 1 Club Championship

Entries and Membership will be through Ridernet only and will close on Saturday night at 7pm.  Late Entries close at  STRICTLY 8pm (late fee will be charged). 

Riders Please Note – due to no shows and duplication discrepancies marshalling will NOT be pre allocated this year and will be done on the day as a first come first served basis.  Riders under the age of 18 are required to provide a marshal for either group 1, 2 or 3 not practice.

Sign on will be open from 6.30am to 7.30am with practice to start by 8am.  Please arrive in time to come to sign on, have your transponders synced, bikes scrutineered and walk the track.  BY ARRIVING LATE YOU ARE DELAYING THE DAY FOR EVERYONE.

Some changes have been made to our 2018 Club Championship. Races now will be timed not 4 laps.  This allows all our riders equal ride time on the track and gives them a feel for what racing in open events requires. 

We have also made changes to our classes

2018 Classes are as follows – 

Mini – Demo 50cc – 7 min

Divi 2 7-u9 – 7min + 1 lap

65cc 7-u9 – 7min + 1 lap

65cc 9-u12 – 7min + 1 lap

85cc 9-u12  – 10min + 1 lap

85cc 12-u16 – 10min + 1 lap 

Jnr Lites 125cc – 12min + 1 lap

Jrr LItes 250cc – 12min + 1 lap

Mx 1 over 255cc – 15min + 1 lap 

Mx 2 under 250cc – 15min + 1 lap

Over 35/45/Women – 10min + 1 lap



2018 Club Championship Calendar


Click the link below for the Maitland  2018 Club Championship Calendar

2018 Club Championship Calendar

Click the link below for the Local Calendar showing all 3 Clubs for 2018

2018 local calendar


2017 Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held on Wednesday 11 October at 7pm at Shenanigans The Imperial, High Street Maitland.
Most positions were filled, though we still have some vacancies. If you, or you and a friend/s are interested in these positions please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.
Many hands make light work…
Canteen Co-ordinator – Position Vacant
Marshal Co-ordinator – Position Vacant

Maitland DMCC AGM minutes 2017



  ** Important Information **

The use of tear-offs is allowed at this club under the conditions imposed by the Environmental Plan supplied by the club and kept on file by MNSW. This exemption may be rescinded at any time by MNSW, or any approved track inspector or event Steward who believes the Environmental Plan is not being complied with.
The club is not compelled to allow tear-offs at all events, and will maintain the right to operate events either with our without the exemption at our discretion.
Each club has to submit their own Environmental Plan and may vary from club to club. Please familiarise yourself with Maitland DMCC agreement and conditions.
Several garbage bins and skip bins will be placed throughout the pit area, wash bay and car park area for riders to dispose of used tear-offs. A dedicated bin will be placed at the end of the exit chute for riders to dispose of their tear-offs after each race. Garbage bags will also be available at sign on for participants to secure to their pit area.
Information regarding the exemption of tear-offs and the correct disposal of tear-offs will be outlined in the Supplementary Regulations during the sign on process through Ridernet. All riders, parents and marshals will be reminded during Riders Brief their responsibility of disposing of tear-offs in an appropriate manner and the importance of doing so. There will also be continual announcements throughout the day over the loud speaker to pick up and dispose of any tear-offs that may be lying around the pit area, carpark, wash bay and track. Signs will also be on display and information printed on the reverse of each race order to remind participants of the correct disposal of tear-offs.
Any rider caught deliberately dropping tear-offs in the pit area, carpark and wash bay will be given the chance to dispose of the used tear-off and formally warned. If the participant is seen to be miss using tear-offs again that participant will be banned from using tear-offs at this club and fined $50.
Tear-offs are still banned, however we have been given the opportunity to be able to use tear-offs at this club where roll-offs are not a practical option. To ensure being able to use tear-offs in the future we all need to be responsible for the appropriate disposal of tear-offs by preventing them from contaminating our waterways and negatively impacting our environment. It is important that we take the privilege of use of tear-offs seriously. If we cannot prove to be using tear-offs appropriately the exemption here at Maitland District Motorcycle Club will be revoked and the ban will be enforced in the future.
We thank you in advance for your co-operation. Happy racing…


Please take note of important changes made to our club for 2017.
Sign on will now be from 6.30am – 7.30am. Riders Briefing at 7.45am. Racing to start at 8.00am.

To coincide with Motorcycling Australia and other local clubs, the 65cc class will now be 7-under 9 and 9-under 12. This means if your child is 8 on the 1 January they will be riding in the 7-u9 if your child is 9 on the 1 January they will be riding in the 9-u12.

Please remember rule changes from last year –
No push bikes allowed in the pit area or carpark – before and during racing.
There will been no riding motorbikes in the pits or car park. All riders will l have to get off their bikes at the end of chute and walk it back to their pit site, wash bays or car park.
Mini parents – at sign on you will be asked to sign an indemnity by the marshal coordinator and you will issued a vest, only one parent per rider will be issued a vest, this allows a parent for each mini rider to access the track while they are riding, the vests will be numbered and you must return the vest at the end of racing.
No Marshal, no ride, no excuses policy.
Maitland Facebook page is an information page only . Negative comments will be deleted.